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Your ChatGPT Assistant ✍︎

ChatShelf helps ChatGPT users save conversations to Notion. It's fast, stable, beautiful, free, and offers excellent support for Notion's text formatting.

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Stable, Fast, Beautiful, Great Notion Support!

  • One-Click Sync to Notion

    With ChatShelf, a "Save" button is added to your ChatGPT Web. Just one click, and your content is instantly saved to Notion. More integrations with AI and knowledge bases are on the way...

  • Flawless Text Formatting

    We seamlessly transform ChatGPT text into Notion Blocks. Whether it's headings, lists, or code snippets, we've got you covered.

  • Reliable, Fast, and Free

    Our architecture prioritizes data security. Experience lightning-fast syncs to Notion. And the best part? It's all free for you now.

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You create, I capture 📸

Engage in deep dialogues with AI and craft meaningful insights. While you're at it, ChatShelf has your back, seamlessly capturing every golden nugget. "You create, I capture." Rest easy knowing every piece of wisdom is safely stored.

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